Morocco Reversible Embroidered 100% Baby Alpaca Wool Poncho for Women - Ruana Wrap

Size Guide

Sizing - Baby Alpaca Ruana

Deep Purple

It's inevitable. You leave your house in the morning feeling colorful and vibrant, and by evening you're ready for something with a bit more hauteur. This reversible baby alpaca women's poncho is for you. This gorgeous baby alpaca ruana really can be worn both ways. The colored side offers a lively wash of blue, burgundy or purple with embroidered accents, while the reverse side is a stately expanse of black alpaca perfect for a night out. Or wear it with a twist and show both sides. Because moods change! Perfect double-sided embroidery done entirely by hand with a needle. This slightly oversized knitted women's poncho is one of our most dramatic. The 100% baby alpaca fiber feels great and lasts like iron. Made in Peru. 56" x 51"