Women's Cashmere Jumpers and Cardigans

Cashmere sweaters have long ruled the fashion empire for their light weight and cloud-like softness.  We’ve been in the business since our first trip to Inner Mongolia in 1991, and we aim to offer the best cashmere jumpers anywhere.  We use pill-resistant yarns and knits to give your cashmere cardigan or cashmere hoodie longer life and extra coziness.  Whether it’s classic tunics, unique double-knits, or deep-cable knit cashmere cardigans, these ultra-comfortable sweaters are wardrobe essentials.

Womens Button Up Pure Cashmere Little Cardigan


Womens Ribbed Mock Turtleneck Pure Cashmere Jumper


Womens Turtleneck Pure Cashmere Jumper


Telemark Six Color Cashmere Jumper for Women


Womens Fair Isle Cashmere Jumper


Womens Mock Turtleneck Cashmere Cardigan Jumper


Womens Zip Up Pure Cashmere Hoodie with Drawstring Closure and Pockets


Katy Womens Three-Ply Cable Knit Pure Cashmere Cardigan