Ahuayo 100% Alpaca Wool Poncho Ruana for Women

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Ahuayo is the Aymara word for the brilliantly woven rectangles of hand-spun and handwoven cloth that indigenous women wear around their shoulders. This ruana wrap is a gorgeously faithful rendition of a traditional Bolivian or Peruvian poncho, right down to the natural-dye inspired colors and the white puma claw design in the bands. Even the stitching across the seams is replicated in this alpaca poncho. The space around you becomes a symphony of burgundy, black and blue as you move, and, since this is 100% soft, tough alpaca, it will keep on looking great for many years. Made in Bolivia of 100% alpaca fiber.

53" length by 51" width. (135cm x 130cm)

Model is 5 9".