Noelle Blue Zippered Alpaca Cardigan for Women

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Noelle Blue Zip Cardigan

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Denim, blue-green and lavender combined with tan and black make this alpaca cardigan sweater a little bit earthy, a little bit serene, like the dawn you stayed up all night to catch when you were 20 years old. A great cardigan for work. It combines well with cream, denim, blues and black. This zip-up alpaca sweater is medium weight. Made in Bolivia of premium pure alpaca fibre. Great spring fall or winter sweater, plus cool summer nights.

Model is 5' 9.5", wearing a size Small.

Alpaca - The Royal fibre of the Incas
Alpaca fibre comes from the alpaca, an animal like a llama that lives at high altitudes in Bolivia and Peru. Its lustrous, silky feel sets it apart from other fibres, and during the Inca Empire (1200 AD - 1532 AD), only the royal family could use clothing made of Alpaca.

Why buy Alpaca?
Alpaca is a rare fibre with limited production. It is warmer, softer and far more durable than wool. Due to its long fibre length, alpaca will never pill. Your Alpaca item is an investment that will still look beautiful many years after its purchase.

How to care for your Alpaca clothing:
Alpaca is not delicate. Care for exactly like wool.
Hand-wash in cold water or dry-clean.
Lay flat to dry.
Store neatly folded - do not hang.
Store in a moth-free environment.

With this care, an Alpaca item will stand up to years of everyday usage with few signs of wear.