New Oven Extra-Thick Alpaca Socks

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Sizing Chart - New Alaska Oven

New Alaska Oven

It wasn’t easy to hire away the team of elite physicists that designed the Hadron Super Collider, but after confirming the existence of the Higgs boson particle, they were ready to take on an even tougher problem: warm feet.  After hundreds of computer simulations and notebooks filled with mathematical equations, they unveiled their solution: create extra-thick socks with long loops of delicious alpaca pile inside, then reinforce them at strategic places so that hug the foot and never bunch up. Make them machine-washable and dryable, and so moisture-wicking and odor resistant that they’re still fresh after a five-day hiking trip or a slow rocket to Alpha Centauri. Result: new frontiers in physical comfort.  For those who must have the warmest. 48% Alpaca, 40% Acrylic, 10% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Note, these are the same weight and construction as our famous Alaska Oven Socks


  • Our Thickest Warmest Sock weight
  • Odor Resistant and Moisture Wicking
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Great for: Hiking, skiing, lounging, poor circulation
  • S/M fits women's size 36-41, Men's 41-43
  • L/XL fits Men's 42-45
  • Follows the laws of quantum physics, except when no one is looking